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Zindagi Program and Adyant Super30

About Zindagi & Adyant Super-30

Zindagi & Adyant Super 30 (earlier named as ATOM-50) is the brain child of Mr. A.B.Singh, Chairman, Adyant Educational & Charitable Trust. This Program encourages the sharpest minds with unmatched inteligence of class X and class XII appearing poor, downtrodden, SC/ST students to fulfill their dream of becoming a Doctor/Engineer who are not getting the right forum for their educational excellence due to financial crisis. In last seven years of services to the society Adyant Educational and charitable trust produced many Doctors & Engineers through this noble program and fulfilled the dreams of many poor students. This time Mr. Anand Kumar founder of Super-30 Patna, Bihar is impressed by this program and has joined his hands with Mr. A.B. Singh to help more and more needy students of Odisha. With association of Mr. Anand Kumar now Atom-50 program is converted into Zindagi for Medical aspirants and Adyant Super 30 for Engineering aspirants. This year again Zindagi and Adyant Super 30 will offer the poor, downtrodden, SC/ST students, a platform where they can get to access their intellect amongst some of the like minded students of the state. The X passed selected students will be provided an excellent integrated academic system of +2 Sc. & competitive Exam preparation at ADYANT HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL in association with  Aakash. Whereas XII Passed selected students will be given competitive preparation for JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET & AIIMS at Aakash.

Here the Adyant Educational and Charitable Trust aims to enable the most deserving X & XII passed students to get into their goal of becoming a Doctor/Engineer by providing them with free +2 Science Education at Adyant +2 Science College (only class X passed students) and free coaching from Aakash Institute/Aakash IIT-JEE alongwith free lodging, free boarding & free study materials of worth ` 1.45 Crore*.

About Aakash

Aakash Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. had started its operation in 1988. Today, Aakash brand has become synonymous with quality coaching for Medical and Engineering Entrance exams across India. Aakash is India’s No.1 Institute having 165 centres across India and consistently producing excellent results year after year in all the prestigious Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations under the illustrious chairmanship of  Mr. J.C. Chaudhry. Aakash Bhubaneswar Centre has been awarded three times as the best centre in India amongst all franchise centres under the leadership of Mr. A.B. Singh.

About Mr. Anand Kumar & SUPER 30

Mr. Anand Kumar is a world famous mathematician, whose life is a living saga of struggle, hard work and philanthropy. When he was a Student he was selected to study at Cambridge University but due to financial Crisis couldn't join and fulfill his dream. In order to help other students like him who could not fulfill their dreams due to financial problems he started “Super 30” Program. Through this program he transferred his mathematics knowledge to the under privileged students who came from the shambles of poverty and distress, became successful in getting into IITs and securing a bright future for themselves and their families.

Mr. Anand Kumar is a Superhuman, and also an example who staked his own life and future for the betterment of poor students. He had been recognized by the world of Mathematicians and ranked within twenty in the list of pioneering teachers of the world. To his credit he had been recognized by Ex- president Honorable Barack Obama of America, he was awarded with S. Ramanujan Award for the year 2010 and also honored by Ministry of Education of Saxony of German. Shree Anand Kumar was awarded National Children's Welfare Award on 14th November 2017 by Hon'ble President of India Shree Ram Nath Kovind.

Since the inception of “SUPER 30” in 2002 Mr. Anand Kumar with his strong will power, inspiring and guiding students, he has produced 396 IITians and innumerable selections in NITs and other Engineering Colleges. This year also he has produced 30 out of 30 in JEE (Advanced 2017). Now Mr.Anand Kumar, the Founder of “Super 30” Patna Bihar has launched his world famous “SUPER 30” Program in Odisha in collaboration with Adyant Higher Secondary School under Adyant Educational & Charitable Trust. Our ATOM-50 Program is being converted to Zindagi Program for Medical aspirants and “ADYANT SUPER 30” for Engineering aspirants. These programs are for SC/ST, poor, downtrodden, hardworking, meritorious, socially and economically back-ward students who can fulfill their dream to become Doctors / IITians. Selected students are provided 100 % free studies in Adyant Higher Secondary School (only class X passed students), 100% free coaching to crack NEET & AIIMS / IIT-JEE 100% free Study Material, 100% free Lodging and Boarding facilities.

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