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Our Strength
The strength of Adyant +2 Science College closely lies in the principles of its founder MR. A.B. Singh who has risen to prominence in the field of education through immense struggle and avid determination. Having been disheartened for not receiving right guideline, privilege and support to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, he took an oath to create opportunities for fledging aspirants to realize their dream. He set his feet in the field of education in the period of his adversities with just a meager amount in hand and now he is a man of stature in the world of education. Thus, he could convert the setbacks of his own life into opportunity for others. He is closely associated with students as a teacher, mentor, guide and director of many colleges and institutions.
He realized that the core problem that most of students are facing is the extensively prevalent engaging education, which puts undue burden on the students and consistently keeps them under-pressure. Hence he conceived the idea of effective education loaded with a 100% stress-free system through which the students can get success easily without any pressure and Adyant +2 Science College is the brain child of this noble thought. Besides, right from its inception Adyant's Association with the country's NO.1 Coaching institution for medical and HT en-trance examinations Aakash Institute and Aakash IIT-JEE matches our ever-guarded motto' convergence of academic and competition.

Mr. A.B. Singh. Chairman of Adyant +2 Science College Received Chinta O Chetana National Award in Association with ministry of I & B recommended by Governor of Odisha. Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh & conferred by H.E. Sri Nikhil Kumar, Governor of Nagaland for commendable contribution in the field of education.
Bihar Yin Patna Award conferred by Sri Hands Kishore Yadav, Minister of Bihar, for commendable contribution in the field of education.
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