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Our Boosting Strategy

The Adyant +2 Science College, Bhubaneswar creates an academic and competitive environment to make the student's brain produce chemicals which produce positive feelings and creativity among the students.

  1. Comparison of weekly assessment:
    Students appear weekly tests. The results are microscopically assessed. Students are given scope to compare their results with their nearest competitors. Certain mercurial steps are taken to make the students highly competitive and they automatically produce the best result.
  2. Running Cup:
    Based on the monthly results, a 'Running Cup is given to the topper who retain the cup for one month till the next result is out. It makes the students to have a separate identity and he/she automatically becomes more studious'.
  3. Cash Award :
    In order to encourage the students, certain cash awards are given to them.
    • ( Annual XI / Pre Board Examinations.)
      1st topper gets an amount of : Rs. 5,000/-
      2nd topper gets an amount of : Rs. 3,000/-
      3rd topper gets an amount of : Rs. 2,000/-
    • PTS (Practise Test Series for CHSE) in
      Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English
      30 Numbers of Practise Test Series per year
      Cash Award for 'Group A' Students in Each Subject : Rs. 1,000/-
      Cash Award for 'Group B' Students in Each Subject : Rs. 500/-
      Total Award For 30 PTS Rs. 45, 000/-
  4. Chairman's Club :
    To become a member of this apex club is a dream for each and every meritorious student as it gives a special recognition of his/her merit as well as an opportunity to interact, discuss and dine with the Chairman and to seek his valuable advice for academic excellence .
    The students who obtain 90% and above marks in RTS, Pre-Board exam, PTS and VSTs are eligible to be a member of this prestigious club.
  5. Principal's Club :
    This is the 2nd ranked club that accepts the students who secured 85% to 89.9% marks in RTS, Pre-Board Exam, PTS and VSTs. The students get 100% "care and share" support from the prin-cipal. The Principal's responsibility is to upgrade them to Chairman's club in the next examinations.
  6. Vice Principal Club :
    The students whose score level are less than 60% marks in 1st year Annual Exam and can secure 70% and above in RTS, Pre-Board, PTS and VSTs, are eligible for Vice Principal's Club.. Here the students get 100% support and motivation from the Vice Principal.
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