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In Association with Aakash
Aakash Institute is a constant source of strength for Adyant +2 Science College. Adyant and Aakash move hand in glove to transform every challenge of our students into new opportunity. Being an associate of Aakash institute, Adyant +2 Science College makes an earnest endeavor to mould the minds of students in a more constructive and progressive way so that they can easily get outstanding success both in Board (CHSE) examination and various Medical and Engineering entrance examinations. In fact, Adyant cares for the saplings with all its sincere efforts for their growth and Aakash sprinkles manure for better yield.
To mirror its exceptional objective the college has been named Adyant, a compound term combining (Adi) with 'Anta' which implies a student first step (Adi) to success begins here and reaches his/her destination (Anta) here. With its association with Aakash 'Adyant' is the only platform in the state where students are directly admitted into the professional courses of their choice after the completion of two years.
Time is the best emancipator as the time lost can never be regained. The secret of success lies in the proper and constructive use of each and every second of the day which we call 'effective time management approach: Adyant +2 Science College moves on a converged approach with Aakash institute so that the valuable time of students is properly and fruitfully utilized.
Adyant +2 Science College makes endless pursuits to set the children's brain in a perfect track so that they reach heights of success at +2 level. Side by side, Aakash Institute makes the students collect the pebbles from the vast ocean of knowledge in a more competitive manner so that they succeed with flying colour in all entrance examination and make their future safe and secure.

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